'Time Out'

My grandma has been writing poems recently, inspired by myself and Diego's life and our conversations with a little bit of fun thrown in. Grandma and I have been working to have our work recognised for so long. It would mean so much to her if you would read it. Thank you x
Two house cats on a winter night,
Began to quarrel and then to fight
All because of a small field mouse,
Accidentally locked up in their townhouse.
“I’ll catch that mouse” meowed one cat,
The other meowed, “We’ll see about that!
Mouse scurried off at tremendous pace,
Cats followed him like a bomb hit the place!
Diego awoke and hurried to see,
What on Earth that noise could be,
Mummy had told him, always be kind,
To any small creatures, he might find.
Followed by mummy, Diego said,
“Naughty cats got us out of bed!”
‘Time out’, will teach them to be good,
They will behave the way they should!”.
They mustn’t fight over a frightened mouse,
Who was trying so hard to get out of our house,
He opened the door, mouse rushed past,
Straight back to his field, home free at last.
Cats huddled up ‘time out’ in the rain,
Diego said, “They won’t fight again!”
Back in warm house, cats friendly and kind,
More well-behaved cats, no one would find.
“Thank you, Diego” then mum said,
Tucking her good, brave boy into bed,
“Helping that frightened mouse run away,
Was a really kind, good dead today,”
‘Time out’ for cats? You were right,
Bless you; sleep well, sweet dreams tonight.

Glenda Wintein


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