Facts about Me

Facts About Me

Name: Boneata Bell
Age: Twenty-five
Favourite Actress(s): Ruby Rose
Favourite Actor(s):  R.I.P Andy Whitfield. Alexander Skarsgard.
Favourite Singer(s): Eminem. George Ezra. Bastille.
Work: Primary School.
Relationship Status: Single
Children: One boy.
Pets: Two - One dog, one tarantula.
Dietary Requirements: Vegan
Tattoos: Three
Piercings: Eight.
Favoruite Fruit: Melon and mango.
Writing began: Age eight.
GCSE's: 13
Highest Qualification: Degree (Writing)
Favourite subjects: English, Media and science.
Favourite Sweet: Balcava.
Hobbies: Ballroom dancing and JiuJitsu
Countries I've visited: Turkey x3, Spain x2, Greece, Portugal x2, Gibralter, Lanzerotti, Tenerife, Germany, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Belgium, Cyprus.
Favourite Animal: Lion.
Favourite Writer: Jane Austen.


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