We get one life to say the things we want to say. Chose your words wisely. 

Words anger me.
They either soar from
mouth to mouth
With careless flight
Or hover trying
With all their might 
Not to break free.

There're either wrong or 
Full of grief,
Laughter, pain
Or from a thief.
Little outcome hangs
From words not said
But arrows fly inside my head.

Words frustrates me.
Or hereby, lack of.
As they sink inside 
My liquid eyes.
And laughter lines.
I'm growing tired of 
The chords that lie.

And after all,
The darkness ends,
And rainbows mend
My words rest deeply
Inside my head.
Not put to bed,
But dreaming instead,
Your most powerful weapon,
Is the voice,
In your head.

Boneata Bell


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