To my perfect Grandad.

You are here,
I can feel you behind me as I type.
I can feel you next to me as I cry,
There are no better words than to say
That you will never leave my mind.

You are brave.
The strongest man I ever knew.
You left a missing piece inside my heart,
When you found your wings
And flew.

I miss you.
It is a pain I can't describe,
A hollow empty longing to
Just sit again right by your side.

I cuddled you so many times,
And kissed your warm soft cheeks,
We played board games until the sun went down,
And watched Disney films for weeks.
Yet what I'd give to hold you close,
And feel you breathe so free,
It hurts so much to say goodbye
I want you to stay with me.

But I know the pain has ended,
And you can sleep in harmony
I also know you're here,
Watching over me.
Please know I will love you forever.
Until eternity,
You are the bravest man I ever knew,
I hope the angels take
Good care of you. xxxxx

Francious Charles Wintein fell asleep on 20.01.2018

Life will never be the same again.


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