The Stranger

There is nothing similar,
To that stranger.
Who walks into your life,
And changes everything.
The tiny difference,
Upon which you reflect,
On those long winter nights.
And warn out heart-felt tears,

There is nothing like the arms that
The stranger,
Wrapped around you.
Without love,
Yet with so much at
Exactly the same time.
Those warm raindrops,
Will potentially kill you
When reflecting.

There is no way of describing the stranger,
But they are in
Everything that you observe,
For the rest of your life.
Yet they aren't.
They never appear.
They disappear.

There is nothing like the stranger.
In their captivating ways,
A stranger that,
Is like a stranger,
But in fact has never been,
Nor ever will be,
A stranger at all.

- Boneata Bell 05.05.17


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