I was certain that I would see a subtle change in my toddler’s personality over the course of a few months. Wasn’t that wishful thinking? As I handed him a present that he did not want, he threw himself onto my floor, head butted my carpet and cried. Happy 2nd Birthday.

I decided to take him locally to Pink Pig Farm; I didn’t fancy a long journey.  A possibility of pooh’s and paddy’s. I had thought about hosting a party, but Diego has almost as many friends as me, and that wouldn’t fill a bathroom, let alone a full house… So between us we’d probably attain just enough commotion for the neighbours to think we’d done our weekly shop.

Anyhow, the farm was fantastic. Diego is an animal lover and as the child of a vegan I am excited to see his bond growing. He has already learnt to be gentle and kind. That is an important lesson. I just have to work on his attitude towards me next…

Aside from the animals, his other favourite part of the farm was the shop. Perfectly planned and skilfully enacted, he spent ages wondering around. In fact he liked the toys in there that much that he decided to walk subtly towards the door, before legging it straight for the car. Probably hoping for a getaway driver, unpaid toys in hand. Nike trainers serving him well. I had the pleasure of observing from a picnic bench as my mother, panic stricken and appalled, attempted to chase him down the path.

I’m pleased to say Diego had a lovely day and was let off with a warning, (this time). They didn't want to be too hard on him considering he was the birthday boy.

Eventually he got his toy. Legally this time.

Boneata Bell

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As seen in VOXX Magazine.


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