Anxiety Awareness

This dark cloud lingers over my bed,
There are words I want to say just
Running through my head.
They crash.
They collide.
They cut me up inside.
I want to voice my feelings,
But my feelings make me cry.
This pierced body talks,
with fabulous intent.
With tattoos spiraling full
Of confident consent.
It's lying.
It's wishing.
It's full of dream ambition,
This artwork is my first full draft,
Of one girl's hard transition.
Tablets are an option,
To help with fighting back,
But I must not be labelled
when I can pull through most attacks.
It's frightening.
It's frustrating,
Listening to other's slating.
When the body wants to leave
The mind so bravely shy,
It's like living in a world,
in which one must live a lie.
My anxiety, it controls me.
Sometimes it has a hold on me,
It leads to all decisions.
Self harm, Weight obsession,
No friends and depression.
Anxiety, it's confusing.
Coughing on words and lines
That I write so easily.
Who would have thought,
It could control me so evilly.
Anxiety, I'm sorry.
For I cannot write another word.
You've won this one again, my friend,
But this is not the last,
You've heard.
I'll make my come back soon,
With more confidence than you,
Could see,
I will fight this inner battle until
It no longer fights against me.

Boneata Bell


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