VOXX COLUMN JULY 2016 - Croc Tower.

I have never been the type to judge. Everyone has a story. The wise say few words. Living by this concept, I observe quietly. Part of that is my anxiety. The other part is my lack of whit. If I fire back what I think is a funny reply, it's usually not very funny at all. Apart from to me. I think I'm hilarious.

To my shock I desperately fought a giggle when a lady tripped up. Whilst walking towards me down the street, she ‘Olympic long jump’ style rugby tackled uneven pavement. I stifled my laugh like a pro, secretly wondering whether I was turning into a monster or developing a much more normal sense of humour. I looked away, pretending I hadn't seen a thing.

Simply put, toddlers have no concept of holding back. So whilst I politely refrained from drawing attention to the lady, Diego began laughing hysterically from his pushchair below me. Within a few seconds I had processed different distraction techniques, ways in which I could re-direct the giggling elsewhere and save the situation. No. Impossible. Fingers were locating the source of the mishap, wildly pointing out to every passer-by who they should be looking at. I realized that there was no way of digging myself out of this hole, whatsoever. So I kind of pretended he wasn’t with me, whilst pushing him around…

She wasn't happy. Diego was though. Seeing his smiling face reiterated the fact that it really didn't matter. You really never can please everyone. Live for you. Besides, why exist looking to blame other people for your own mistakes? If you make choices then you learn from them. You can see where you go wrong. Mistakes are minute in comparison to the lessons that you learn along the way.

As seen in Voxx Magazine.

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