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Toddler Turrets

Surviving baffles me. People make it through tough times and stand for something incredible. I look up to those people. I admire them. They smile, laugh and fight.
Then there is me. Who saw an owl flying in the moonlight, stroked a wallaby for the first time and saw two shooting stars… I’m tearing up like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown…
I’m wondering how long it will be before my sniffles feel the effects of toddler tantrums, and when they will rub off on me. Will it really be that long until I join my son on the floor screaming down the beans isle?

Security will have me arrested for disruption! I will explain what a bad influence my son is. Before attempting to continue my shopping as if nothing had occurred… the copycat replica of my own toddler’s behaviour. My tears will turn into smiles and I will shout “no!” at every stranger that as much as glances my way. I will call it “toddler turrets” when questioned by officers. No doubt I will probably fail to mention so…