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Anxiety Attack

It returns
Just as it had walked away.
There are dead ends now,
From so many different ways.

Shes black and white now.
Where once there had
been green.
She was forced to let go.
Of who she wants to be.

Yet she's back.
Standing right there.
With colour in her lips
And wind blowing
Through her hair.

She's strong.
Just as it had turned away,
She armed herself,
And fought it anyway.

The battle took place,
Within her complex mind.
She fell.
Then she stood.
Time after time.

Boneata Bell


So many people want me dead. 
I can see that just by their rolling eyes. It's not my fault I have a one and a half year old teenager. He's screaming. He's fighting my hold. Whilst my mother casually purchases floor cleaner. Pretending she isn’t with me. I scowl at her. To everyone's horror I nearly drop my son. I battle to keep him away from the shelves. It's my turn to roll my eyes. He's basically Hulk Hogon.
I decide to leave the store. It's my safest option. Diego begins to calm down. I’m thrilled with my fantastic parenting decision. Boneata 1 – judgmental, probably childless strangers Nil. 
A lady approaches me. Probably full of pity for the struggling parent, she gives her biggest smile towards Diego and says "aren't you absolutely lovely?” I panic. Well I try to panic but I hardly even have a second to initialize my panicking before my son begins to shake his head hysterically and shouts "No!" Repeatedly in her face. Fantastic. …