Mastering Evolution

There is nothing as perfect as seeing your child take their first steps. On Thursday 26th November Diego did just that. He took four wobbles across my bedroom floor and fell right into my arms. It resulted in some hyperactive screaming and wiggly dancing (from me).

It is incredible watching a baby grow into an intelligent little toddler. I closed my eyes for just a second too long and a beautiful boy had taken the place of my baby. I closed them again and my independent little man had become my cuddly, clingy and caring prince. Science baffles me. Because it is so beautiful there isn’t a lot that it cannot explain.

Evolution has resulted in children developing much more quickly. Our understanding of how to teach them is improving and their skills are growing. Our children are becoming brainboxes. They can work technology before they can walk. It is incredible. It is terrifying. I believe that is what frightens the entire population. Sometimes we move much too quickly. Throughout our history as soon as the world has advanced, it has crumbled. We always fall before we stand up.

I finally sat down after an exhausting day full of milestones and sank into the day’s desired comfort food; which so happened to be a reduced pack of croissants and a jar of chocolate spread… I soon stood up again as Diego launched into marathon runner mode towards a neglected cup of tea. He spots everything that I don’t. No risk of losing anything here.

We walked towards the window and watched as rain claimed the Earth outside. I wondered what I wanted for the future, but realised that the current picture was too beautiful to dismiss. My plan, even just for the moment, is to live for today.

Boneata Bell
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