Christmas is magical when you have children. Nothing compares to watching my son, with a beautiful smile on his face as he charges at his presents. However, with celebrations also brings company… Company and Diego just do not mix. So by 7pm on Christmas day, I had been left with a very hyperactive one year old who had publically named his nana a ‘smellybum’, during celebratory drinks.

Despite numerous attempts to control chocolate consumption, there is always one family member that doesn’t quite catch the rules. So it didn’t come as a surprise when, until midnight, Diego was dancing and giggling at me as I ‘played asleep’ next to him, zoning in and out of my own state of exhausted unconsciousness because I was awake past nine o’clock.

In an attempt to start as I mean to go on, I began to read, explaining to my darling son the very meaning of Christmas. I ended up with my hair pulled through the bars of the cot and chewed bible pages. As that put that goal on hold for another year I silently celebrated as my head fell forward, hitting the cot once more and awakening me with a start.

When I imagine Christmas I picture family, films and roasted chestnuts, comedy, dinner and sparkling lights. It is my intention to make this time of year about family and moments, new beginnings and targets. Less about toys and receiving.

There are little things in life that we all care about, yet all take for granted. I hope that Christmas for my family will be a time where we especially appreciate those moments. We can go for walks and return home with crazy hair, we can laugh until we snort because nothing matters. I will never let stress take me down.

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