Tumbling Into a New Hobby

I attempted to show off.

It was a very bad idea. My boyfriend waved as I left. What better way to look "fit" than to jog to your car, right...? I've been going to the gym for four months now and decided that I had more than likely seen the back of my weak ankles. They'd had plenty of training. So I flicked my hair gracefully and began.

My left ankle clicked. I had a chat with my brain. "No, you can do this, you have this one covered". I spurred them on. I felt my right ankle click. I didn’t even start to panic yet. It should have been at this point that I did, yet I continued to run. I'm not quite sure when it finally registered… at the point where I began to lose control of my feet and began a frantic moonwalk style fall, or where I sat on the floor in the middle of the wet path with my legs crossed underneath myself, or even when a bus full of people glided past during the whole thing... But at some point I realised I probably should have stopped when the first ankle clicked..

On the plus side I had just tumbled out of a decision that I didn't know would have such an effect on my life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Things just hadn't been working. I had stopped waking up positive. Something had to change. I decided to pursue a sport I had only ever talked about.

I began it the only way I begin anything, on the spot. On Friday I decided I would join, and by the Sunday I was anticipating my first class. Finding a passion can really be a make or break life-changer. It made me.

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Boneata Bell

As seen in VOXX Magazine. Available to view online at voxxonline.com


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