The first thing I notice,
Is the strange silence,
In comparison to the
Deafening ringing inside of
My ears.
Then the coughing.
It seems so loud,
Choking neighbours, strangers.
Linked together now.
Never again someone
I had never locked
Eyes with.

I scan my body.
I hear screams. Children.
It distracts me.
It kills me. They are close.
Yet far away maybe.
I cannot imagine their faces.
Yet I try.
Then I try not too.

My eyes adjust. I'm left with,
No questions to ask.
I have no words.
Or feelings.
Despite my once
Opinionated mind.
My legs have gone.
It's as simple,
And complicated
As that.
They aren't there.

I look for them.
I don't see them.
I've lost them.
I slouch and wonder if
They were ever there.

Boneata Bell


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