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Toddler Attack

I placed my darling son in his playpen as I battled to keep my eyes open. I never wanted to be one of these parents who chose a quick way out; I vowed to constantly entertain my child with educational games and stories. Yet, after another early morning wakeup call and a couple of hours at work I was ready to drop. I faltered, nearly losing my balance. So I piled up his playpen with safe toys to keep him occupied and proceeded to sprawl across the carpet in front of the fire. My boy was safe. Now I could nap...

It took me 40 minutes before I finally began to drift… I felt a sharp pain hit me in the face and was sure I had been blinded as I attempted to open my eyes. I searched for the weapon that had almost knocked me out. My giggling toddler stood watching me, at least three metres away. His instrument of choice lay by my feet. As I came to terms with the fact that my son had attempted to attacked me, that he must be the next world class baseball player, and that he was f…


Tumbling Into a New Hobby

I attempted to show off.
It was a very bad idea. My boyfriend waved as I left. What better way to look "fit" than to jog to your car, right...? I've been going to the gym for four months now and decided that I had more than likely seen the back of my weak ankles. They'd had plenty of training. So I flicked my hair gracefully and began.
My left ankle clicked. I had a chat with my brain. "No, you can do this, you have this one covered". I spurred them on. I felt my right ankle click. I didn’t even start to panic yet. It should have been at this point that I did, yet I continued to run. I'm not quite sure when it finally registered… at the point where I began to lose control of my feet and began a frantic moonwalk style fall, or where I sat on the floor in the middle of the wet path with my legs crossed underneath myself, or even when a bus full of people glided past during the whole thing... But at some point I realised I probably …


Christmas is magical when you have children. Nothing compares to watching my son, with a beautiful smile on his face as he charges at his presents. However, with celebrations also brings company… Company and Diego just do not mix. So by 7pm on Christmas day, I had been left with a very hyperactive one year old who had publically named his nana a ‘smellybum’, during celebratory drinks.
Despite numerous attempts to control chocolate consumption, there is always one family member that doesn’t quite catch the rules. So it didn’t come as a surprise when, until midnight, Diego was dancing and giggling at me as I ‘played asleep’ next to him, zoning in and out of my own state of exhausted unconsciousness because I was awake past nine o’clock.
In an attempt to start as I mean to go on, I began to read, explaining to my darling son the very meaning of Christmas. I ended up with my hair pulled through the bars of the cot and chewed bible pages. As that put that goal on hold for another ye…


Mastering Evolution

There is nothing as perfect as seeing your child take their first steps. On Thursday 26th November Diego did just that. He took four wobbles across my bedroom floor and fell right into my arms. It resulted in some hyperactive screaming and wiggly dancing (from me).

It is incredible watching a baby grow into an intelligent little toddler. I closed my eyes for just a second too long and a beautiful boy had taken the place of my baby. I closed them again and my independent little man had become my cuddly, clingy and caring prince. Science baffles me. Because it is so beautiful there isn’t a lot that it cannot explain.

Evolution has resulted in children developing much more quickly. Our understanding of how to teach them is improving and their skills are growing. Our children are becoming brainboxes. They can work technology before they can walk. It is incredible. It is terrifying. I believe that is what frightens the entire population. Sometimes we move much too quickl…


The first thing I notice,
Is the strange silence,
In comparison to the
Deafening ringing inside of
My ears.
Then the coughing.
It seems so loud,
Choking neighbours, strangers.
Linked together now.
Never again someone
I had never locked
Eyes with.

I scan my body.
I hear screams. Children.
It distracts me.
It kills me. They are close.
Yet far away maybe.
I cannot imagine their faces.
Yet I try.
Then I try not too.

My eyes adjust. I'm left with,
No questions to ask.
I have no words.
Or feelings.
Despite my once
Opinionated mind.
My legs have gone.
It's as simple,
And complicated
As that.
They aren't there.

I look for them.
I don't see them.
I've lost them.
I slouch and wonder if
They were ever there.

Boneata Bell