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Love is interesting.

Yet what I find even more interesting than love are those moments before you realise that you are in love, and the breath-taking impact that they can potentially make or break your whole relationship. We are talking about right at the beginning of course, not those moments hereafter where the case has been closed, the agreement has been reached, a mutual devotion has been settled. No, I'm talking about the first few weeks, or days, or hours if you believe in love at first site. Those crucial fragments.

Does love appear from a few single acts of absolute beauty, or do they merge over time? Can you pinpoint the exact moment that you realised that you were in love with somebody? If you can, what do you think would have happened if that moment ceased to have existed? Would you love them now? Would you love them at all? Or would you still be pondering friendship in limbo? Or would you be simply waiting for that next make or break moment?

I believe, as humans, as h…