Saved by the Soldier

When she opened her eyes it was like staring into a bubble. Everything around her was distorted. Colours everywhere, like tiny flakes of crystal cluttering her space. She reached out. The texture had changed. If felt like smooth velvet as she ran her hands through the air. All she could do was smile, even if she couldn't understand.

She sat for a moment and listened to the birds singing outside. Their song was like a harmony. Panpipes filled her head like buzzing bees on their honey-making journey. She pictured them in her mind's eye, soft, peaceful and elegant.

Her mind raced, filling her heart with unconditional love. She gazed at him in front of her. Her veins pulsed as she attempted to interpret her feelings. They seemed so loud inside her skull, she wanted to run to him, fall into his arms and feel his skin against hers. But how could she fall in love so quickly with such a beautiful stranger? She fought it, with all of her might. Afraid. Afraid to love. Afraid to hurt, but most of all afraid to be falling so deeply and so quickly. His smile lit up the room like one hundred fireworks shooting through the midnight sky. So had two choices, fall or fly...

For a moment she fell, she crumbled but then he was there. He was lifting her up with angel wings so effortlessly. He protected her, he began to repair her damage, even as she shied away from him. He stood tall and strong. He stood just knowing that he did belong. So, she felt it too. She felt the hands of his soul reach out of his chest and take hold of her heart. She raced across the countryside, 130mph and she couldn't feel a breeze anymore. She had no doubts. He had taken away her fears, there was nothing to dim her light or taint her feelings. She could see clearly. Her thick fog had gone, taking away her past, and the dangers of the present.

She took hold of his hand and they jumped. Quickly, feet first from the highest, most beautiful mountain that they could find. They had trekked there. It had been a tough journey but they had made it. They hit the bottom of the ocean as they landed, watching tropical coloured fish swim by. For a moment they forgot that they needed to breathe, they just watched. The world moved by without them. Nobody knew they were at the bottom of the sea...

They surfaced for air and her boy took his first steps towards her. She caught him in her arms as she glowed with pride, her hair catching fire and shimming under the deep colours of the sunset. She held her tiny boy in her arms. And the soldier, he held them. Both with his hands and in his heart.

As the sun shone down on them she laughed, like she never had before. She saw colour in place of where she had once seen black and white roses. She could smell the sea and the flowers, she could even taste the wind. She had stepped into the perfect canvas painting and she would never be stepping out. When her heart had almost stopped beating she won the game. She rolled twice, and landed on him, he looked into her eyes and faced the day.

When the world had almost won, her heart had then pressed play.


Boneata Bell


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