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Rainbow Hearts

"There are so many colours in your heart that I could paint a rainbow..."

Your sunshine smile
So golden dims the darkening
Clouds away.
And pure white
Natural beauty
Shortens never ending days.
Your violet rays are calming
In this troubled clock of time,
So stand beside me baby,
Please put your hand in mine.

Your sunset kiss
So caring makes so many
Dreams come true.
Your courage and
Your bravery are gently
Painted blue.
Your humour veins are yellow,
Turquoise, bronze and green,
They stand beside me baby
And help to set me free.

Your emerald voice
So calming keeps me dreaming
Through the night.
And multicoloured heart
Keeps me holding you so tight.
Your snowflake opal kindness
Saved my blackened heart from war,
So stand right with me baby,
I will never ask for more.

..."Your rainbow soul is
Exactly how you are,
From the moment
I laid eyes on you,
I loved you,

Boneata Bell

Little inspirations

You pause in that moment,

You observe and become.
The castle you fought for has finally begun.
Magnificent high walls
And armour so charming,
The beauty of it so contagiously disarming.
You stand with such pride,
In this world full of flaws,
But you took it on and
You handled it all.

You gaze as in wonder,
You smile and shine,
It’s finally complete now, it just took some time.
The solid strong locks,
And fire outstanding,
In place is the work that you found so demanding.
You watch in deep peace,
As your spirit flies free,
You opened blind eyes,
As to what life can be.

Hard worker your challenge will one day be done.
I kid you not though, the battle,
You won.

Rebecca Bell.


Biscuits Cure Problems

I look into beautiful eyes as my boy summons me from my sleep. Remembering why my life has changed is hard, but I find strength as Diego smiles at me. “You will make it through today mummy,” he seems to be trying to tell me.

It is my first month as a single parent. I’m adapting, changing, and I’m fighting. But I’m also screaming, sulking and losing my mind. I wave at D across the room and in response I hear a noise. I wish I hadn’t. It is all too obvious that it is time to change his nappy. And to run a bath. And to assemble my guardian angel for the day. Possible all at the same time. Let there be no teething! I cross my fingers tightly behind my back.

Of course, quite predictably, there is teething. I peer at tiny sore gums that gel, medicine and teething rings won’t cure. Miraculously however, a biscuit from great-grandma will. Cue the roll of the eyes as I give up on his organic-healthy-no-biscuits-diet.

I had never imagined life as a single parent. It was the l…