To The Sky

It's freedom up here,
Up by the stars,
We sail up here, 
From the depth of our hearts.

I noticed her sitting by the far side of the room.
She had this look about her. 
One that made me think -
I wanted to be her. -
For this split second.
She was perfect. Brave. Confident.
I could see her tattoos.
Her piercings.
Her perfections.
What a skinny dear.
Her low top. High skirt.
Then there's me.
Worrying about what everybody thinks.
Every word I say.
Can it be misinterpreted? 
I sat and watched her for a little while.
Just a little while.
She set me free from this family of,
"This is how you must look-be-behave".
She made me smile.

She walked away from the stars
and kissed the tress as she passed
She's up by the stars,
We sail up here,
From the depths of our hearts.

Boneata Bell


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