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Imagination man.

She wants you.
Like seduction wrapped in Golden lace, And raindrops trapped among A lilac storm. It's more than you she wants, She wants you whole. 
She wants you. Like the trees fighting  Against the Velcro wind, And song whispering, Across the ocean waves. It's always you she wants, She wants you more. 
She wants you. Like the gentle touch of Skin across another's cheek, And secrets dancing, Across imagination's sea. It's more than you she wants, She wants you free. 
She needs you. Like panpipes loud in Fairy dust, And sunrise low within That tainted sky.  It's more than you she wants. It's you and I. 
Boneata Bell 27.7.15

Schizophrenia Sailing

He is the devil.
And good memory,
Playing music in my head.
The blurred vision,
Lipstick kisser
And loaded pistol to my skull.
He is the dead,
He is the dying,
Perfect slick imagination.
Sudden favourite
Wrongly stolen and then given.
He is Hell,
He is my heaven,
I can't resist,
The lipstick kisser.
Such mischievous,
Wrong behaviour.
Temptation forms the Mr.
He is the gone.
He is the here
Pastel-slurring non-believer.
Floating limbo,
Falling fragment.
Rotten puncture forms achievements.
He's my shadow,
In the sunshine,
In the dark, he is my light.
That chilling,
brain dissection.
Follows crossbows,
By your side.

Boneata Bell