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Ten Hard Times - For Expressing Mummies

The hardest thing about expressing is the exhaustion. There have been so many times that I have closed the door from the world and sat and cried.

You have a newborn who isn't sleeping through the night and then you have to get up and force yourself to express your milk at 2:00am, then 4:00am, then 6:00
am. All you want to do is sleep.

Exclusively expressing is by far the best decision I ever made, but the early days made me want to give up. My boy didn't start sleeping for longer periods of time until he was eight months old (three weeks ago and daddy can't do the night feeds due to his working hours), so by the time I had expressed for about twenty minutes, then fed my baby, then repeated all that again it literally felt like there was no point in even trying to sleep. By the time I had pumped sometimes I was wide awake, other times my eyes were closing on their own and then other times I'd forget to pump completely and wake up in a panic that I wouldn't get enou…