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Expressing Is...

My new way of life.

On September 19th 2014 at 3:20am I gave birth to the most beautiful little baby boy in the world. Throughout my pregnancy I had my heart set on breastfeeding. Nobody in my family had ever done it, but I wanted to make my own decision and listening to all of the health benefits to my baby I didn't have to think twice. I began reading every breastfeeding tip available. I went into labor with all of the knowledge I could need, I understood that it would be hard, that it would hurt, but it didn't go to plan at all.

My baby boy was placed onto my chest and his very first latch took us ages, and it was painful. I had my heart set on it getting better. I held him in my arms and the hormones that hit me were incredible. I could never begin to explain to a mummy that hadn't breastfed just how amazing that feeling is. I still long for it now, nearly nine months later. I don't know what causes it, the rush of hormones, having a new life in your arms or feelin…