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Tigerlily Attractions. The card business Progression.

It began with a smile, At my very first creation. I placed it together, With my young imagination.
The pink with the blue, It shone in the sun, Hooked to the fridge, My obsession begun.
New scissors and crafts, I scanned the design, Something was missing, Not catching my eye!
I added a flower, It danced in the sun, Perfectly placed it said, Happy birthday, mum!
My sticker collection, Now useful tool kit, Sparkling insects 3D, Proving such a big hit!
I proceed with a smile, At my every next creation. I still place them together, With unique imagination.
In Wonderland I mix magic, With everlasting glue. And stick life together. With a card, just for you.
Boneata Bell
I now sell my cards. You can find me on Facebook at Tigerlilly Attractions. (It is a new page).