The Education Road - The Full Details

Over the last three years my life has changed dramatically. In 2011 I had just found the courage to leave an abusive relationship. I had just left college, I had no idea what to do next and my parents didn't want me to go to University. I was jobless, single and clueless. So I decided to turn my life around.

I didn't begin it the right way. Over several months I developed an eating disorder. I managed to get myself from eleven stone to seven stone and I absolutely loved it, but when it started to take a toll on my heath I realised just how much I needed to pull myself together, so I did. My voluntary job at Estuary Radio went bankrupt so I found myself no longer on the radio, and I spent night after night crying as I remembered memories from my past that I desperately wanted to forget. One night I decided it would be my last night crying for cruel people, so I began to eat properly, and I hit the wii fit for up to four hours every day, I ended up in brilliant shape and had never been so confident in my life - there was no going back.

Suddenly I rebelled for the first time in my life and decided that I was going to University, so I did. Trying my best to ignore the £30,000 + worth of debt. I decided to study for a BA in professional writing. During the second year I started to hit the clubs every single week, something I had never done before, sometimes even several times a week, but that didn't last very long as only a few months into it I met my partner.

Now with only three months left at University I have three more deadlines to meet before I graduate. I have a six month old son, a fiancé and I live in my own home. I also went back to my Ballroom and Latin American dance classes where I am taking exams again and I have now been dancing for a total of fourteen years. I also have a job, I am a dinner lady at a wonderful primary school just minutes down the road from my house. I love the children and my new aim is to become a teacher one day.

It amazes me when I look back at what I had in comparison to what I have now. There are so many more things that I want to do, I want to travel the world with my family, I want to keep dancing, I want to teach, I want to publish my novel. But that is my next plan, after graduation I am going to look for an agent. Another one of my accomplishments is expressing milk for my baby. After giving birth to him I struggled to breastfeed for three months until I broke down and decided to exclusively pump. I was told by midwives it would not be possible and that I would have to formula feed my baby but in two weeks time I will have hit six months of exclusively expressing breastmilk for my baby with no formula supplementing at all. For something that is supposed to be impossible, six months is a great achievement to me! I decorated my whole house myself between seven and nine months pregnant, it gave me something to do whilst I was on maternity leave. I am so house proud and everything has to be perfectly placed.

Along the way I have made friends, lost friends and met some memorable people. I have so many hopes for my son and what I want to provide for him. It is shocking how much everything has changed when I look back at my first education road article. Since school I have written columns for a magazine, become a board of director for VOXX Magazine and four years later I still volunteer every single week for the RSPCA. I now work on the till, which is helping to improve my social skills incredibly.

I have written a novel that is currently being edited but is at 30,000 at the moment, I can't wait to publish it, so please look out for it. I have now lost all of my pregnancy weight and am back to what I was before I gave birth which is a great feeling, and I am taking my baby boy swimming for the first time tomorrow which I am very excited about too.

Not everything in life can go exactly as you plan it too, there are people you miss, people you have to let go, people you hope will come back, friends, family. There will be people that have a huge impact on your life, and others that you hope to never see again. But always be professional. Don't spread hate, it will only come back to get you. Overcome horrors, you will feel so much better for it.

I do not regret anything so far, and I hope that I never do. As I have learnt something from every single brilliant and terrifying thing that I have ever been through.

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