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The Education Road - The Full Details

Over the last three years my life has changed dramatically. In 2011 I had just found the courage to leave an abusive relationship. I had just left college, I had no idea what to do next and my parents didn't want me to go to University. I was jobless, single and clueless. So I decided to turn my life around.

I didn't begin it the right way. Over several months I developed an eating disorder. I managed to get myself from eleven stone to seven stone and I absolutely loved it, but when it started to take a toll on my heath I realised just how much I needed to pull myself together, so I did. My voluntary job at Estuary Radio went bankrupt so I found myself no longer on the radio, and I spent night after night crying as I remembered memories from my past that I desperately wanted to forget. One night I decided it would be my last night crying for cruel people, so I began to eat properly, and I hit the wii fit for up to four hours every day, I ended up in brilliant shape and had ne…

The Devil Meets an Angel

His breath quickens as he Rests upon my cheek. His wings wrapped like silk against my growing heart.  I have no idea how We begin, or how we part. His eyes fire red like the evening sun, as my eyes so causiously rest upon his skin. He's wild inside yet so tame within. And I want the love growing deep within him, Yet it kills, like a dagger with no shield And no sword, he dives through the waves, Like he's done it before. His arms hold me up as I Lay down to die, I see silk within A stranger that I never knew at all. He rides me like the heavens  Are about to jump, or fall. The angels sing above me, stars Alight and whimpering, I bite his  Muscled neck with ease and hear a symphony.  A duresk smile escapes my bruised  Red ruby lips, I had no idea Art was such a flattering-fine choice, like this.  So I call his name with little ease, imagining A man like this, I blush from head to toe With cheeks of such pink ruby rose. The real Devil stands up tall and walks away From angelic …