Have No Fear

Death is always peaceful,
with sleep as calm as night,
So what's the point in running from
A fate you cannot fight?
The sky so very peaceful and the
Sun so very warm,
And so many smiling faces with
No time now left to mourn.
Heaven is a place in which
Our latest dreams arrive.
On entrance there are carriages to take you
On a drive.
On guard there stand the cherubs,
To cradle tiny baby's calm
And then there are the knights
To take the
Adult's softened palm.
With roses growing widely,
And birds flying so free,
There's no need to fear death
When deaths just a new sight to see.
So close your tiny eyes tonight
And fear not the morning sight
For if it is your time to leave
It's your time to arrive too.
And in the morning you shall wake,
To find the angels staring
Down at you.

By Boneata Bell


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