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Firework of Summertime

I looked so high
To see only smiling faces
In the sky.
With silvers and golds,
Of different shades,
And lines of different
Bronze and haze.
I sat as if I did belong,
Between both night
And darkness.

She shot into the air,
With crystals flying
With cheers erupting from
The scene, I danced
In sequence as I
would in dream.
She set my heart alight.

Refreshing air and tranquil
Wind, hand in hand it began
To spin. Blue and
red. The favourite colours
In my head.
Exotic flames of
Electric night, I started reminiscing
Entirely my life.
We kissed.

The rule was set,
I'm seeing smiling faces,
In my head.
With children up, way past their bed.
I sang in golden summer tune.
The air so bright
and engulfed by the moon.
I took my lover's hand
In mine,
Deleting time
We embraced there, like two

Summer firework, by here, be mine.
We were brought alive,
By summer time.

Boneata Bell

Beautiful Insider

The black queen is as fierce
As the white moon,
She stands watch every night
Over her own soul.
Protecting it.
Healing any fractured fragments.
The black queen is as dainty
As the white moon.
She stands guard over the
Heart that was once broken by
A king.
The black queen is as dangerous
As the innocent moon,
Her baby mind is as
Killer as the threatened wolf.
She’s both everything
And nothing.
Inside her tiger skin.
She’s the black moon and white

Boneata Bell

Where Have I been?

If you are a regular returner to my website you may be wondering where I have been recently. Let me stop you there, don't panic! I am still writing, working and creating! I do however have a whole new life changing achievement! I am expecting a little baby boy in fifteen days! I am going to be a mummy. I haven't posted very much about it because for those of you who are on here for my writing, which I assume is most of you, I would not like to bombard you with my baby thoughts and trust me it is the main focus of my life at the moment. I am currently 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The pregnancy has been generally good for me; my first trimester was the best as I didn't suffer from morning sickness so I just spent it enjoying my news and decorating my new house with my partner ready for his arrival. The second trimester was one of the scariest moments of my life when I was home alone and I started bleeding heavily. I was convinced I was losing him and was in the worst state…