Baby Bond

Your wriggle is the
Meaning of my life. The
Blood bonding between both man
And his wife.
Your movement is the
Very breath of me. Making me
The mother that I always want
To be.
Your hiccups are the
centre of my world. My diamond
baby, tiny pearl.
Your superpower kicks drive
Me to the moon. It's obvious that
You'll be here with me soon.
Your attitude is the
Reason I am proud. You're my
Baby, you stand out from
The crowd.
Your love is the
Colour in my cheeks, the feeling I
Cannot find the words
To speak.
Carrying you is my
Reason to awake. With love that
Won't be mistaken for
Lost, stolen or fake.
Your bond is the love
Of tiny baby thumps,
And I'll love you forever
Because you've sat under my heart
For the last nine months.


Boneata Bell


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