Angel In Me

                             Angel in Me


With strength enough
to summon ocean waves and
Heart enough to fly
and save
the darkest hearts, he
is the angel
In me.

With power enough
To clench the largest palm and
stance enough to bring
the deepest calm,
He is the angel,
In me.

With honour bold enough
to burn the strongest brick with
ignition tough enough
to flare the weakest wick, he
is the angel
In me.

With tears silent enough
to shout the loudest prayer and
organised maturity to
take the scented dare, he
is the angel
In me.

With crystal kiss
King enough to wake the dead,
and body trust enough to be
beside me in my palace bed, he is
The angel in me.

With bravery the final crown,

To place upon his handsome head and
there within that chest of his
his heart protects my wary head...


Palm to palm with liquid ink,
He saves me, I forget to sink -
His power is the sword or knife,
He is the angel,
In my life.

Boneata Bell


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