My Diego


My angel is my swallow, diving gently through the breeze,

My angel is my golden lock, opened with magic keys.

My angel is my butterfly, so colourful and light,

My angel is the strength I need,

To stand and take the fight.


My soldier is my pebble, skimming quickly through the sea,

My soldier is the very breath, living inside of me.

My soldier is my ripened heart, to all things I never knew,

My soldier is my baby lamb, running through morning dew.


My darling is confusion, of which my understanding guessed,

His existence only pictured, now his presence constant test.

My darling is my sunshine, beaming bright through windows tall,

His image breaking every of my

Emotion mixture falls.


My baby is my blood flow, my breath, my love, my life.

My baby is the reason I would never take my life.

My baby is the starry sky, alive with dreams at night,

His arrival bringing hope into my

Almost perfect life.

Written by Boneata Bell

Diego Netherton

Due 18/09/2014


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