Magic Creation

It was this little form of magic,
In a teaspoon. With pearls for eyes
And velvet cries, I picture it.
With beauty, like a mermaid's gaze,
In a tablespoon, that's how we made,
This little baby beauty mine.

It was this little plan of wishes,
In a teapot. With dreams for mind
And missing just, those kisses of mine.
With wonder, like an angel's wings,
In a fairybowl, that's how we made,
My baby beauty king or queen.

It was this tiny form of dream,
In a heartbeat, with hope for hands
And lullaby sleep, at perfect scan.
With power, like a sealed bond,
In a miracle, that's how we made,
With golden kicks and magic wands
My little baby beauty strong.

By Boneata Bell
12 weeks + 4
Mummy to be.


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