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Stop Whispering.

If it's never.
Make it happen.

It if stops,
Start the clock.

If it follows,
Hold it tight.

If it runs,
Draw the line.

If it falls,
Catch the heart,

If it tumbles,
Let it start.

By Boneata Bell.

Magic Creation

It was this little form of magic,
In a teaspoon. With pearls for eyes
And velvet cries, I picture it.
With beauty, like a mermaid's gaze,
In a tablespoon, that's how we made,
This little baby beauty mine.

It was this little plan of wishes,
In a teapot. With dreams for mind
And missing just, those kisses of mine.
With wonder, like an angel's wings,
In a fairybowl, that's how we made,
My baby beauty king or queen.

It was this tiny form of dream,
In a heartbeat, with hope for hands
And lullaby sleep, at perfect scan.
With power, like a sealed bond,
In a miracle, that's how we made,
With golden kicks and magic wands
My little baby beauty strong.

By Boneata Bell
12 weeks + 4
Mummy to be.

Fear Nothing

It's not you that I am afraid of.
Or your words.
Or violence.

It's not your face that frightens me,
Or your world,
Or beliefs.

It's not what you love that worries me,
Or who,
Or lack of.

It's not you that frightens me at all.
Just death,
And his ability.

In comparison to yours.

Because why should I fear you,
Or your words,
Or violence.

When death can take everything,
Like my love,
And my life.

So why should you scare me?
Ever today,
Or tomorrow.

When this could be my last sentence.
Right now,
Or never.

Boneata Bell

Now It's Never

I'm running to you,
                                 but you can't see me.

I'm asking for you,
                                but you can't hear me.

I'm stalking you,
                               but you're hiding from me.

And you're running to me,

                              but I'll never reach you.

By Boneata Bell


To be the ticking bomb of time,
Two lovers link in perfect rhyme.
Crystals on the burning moon,
In deadly pace and time, and tune.
To be the artwork on the clock,
With ribbon on the child's frock,
Stained and fraying at the hem,
The Reaper will appear again.

To be the stalker, follow free,
He will turn and run to me.
Aphrodite, now shall see,
A goddess judged by number three.
With corners sharp and edges strong
Lava, she did not belong.
Owner to her devil sin,
Devil makes her sin again.

To be the marble strength of touch,
Liquid burns as gasses clutch.
Water makes retreat so soon,
He has no time, to warn the moon.
To be the God of growing seed,
We abuse the flower and plant the weed.
Sunshine she did not belong,
To acoustic strength or bird's love song.
Sweetheart, I do not find,
Love in battle, or strength in time.

Manipulate a word for me,

Make it real,

set her free.
Boneata Bell