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Have No Fear

Death is always peaceful,
with sleep as calm as night,
So what's the point in running from
A fate you cannot fight?
The sky so very peaceful and the
Sun so very warm,
And so many smiling faces with
No time now left to mourn.
Heaven is a place in which
Our latest dreams arrive.
On entrance there are carriages to take you
On a drive.
On guard there stand the cherubs,
To cradle tiny baby's calm
And then there are the knights
To take the
Adult's softened palm.
With roses growing widely,
And birds flying so free,
There's no need to fear death
When deaths just a new sight to see.
So close your tiny eyes tonight
And fear not the morning sight
For if it is your time to leave
It's your time to arrive too.
And in the morning you shall wake,
To find the angels staring
Down at you.

By Boneata Bell

Being A Mother

You've taught me so many things, my baby.
How to use both hands,
For three tasks,
And carry four items,
With one hand.
You've taught me so much, my baby.
That dreams do come true,
When I'm holding you,
In my arms.
You've taught me to grow,
Both in mind and in heart,
From end until start.
You're so beautiful.
But the main thing you taught me, my baby,
Is how to love.
In a world full of hate.

Boneata Bell

Firework of Summertime

I looked so high
To see only smiling faces
In the sky.
With silvers and golds,
Of different shades,
And lines of different
Bronze and haze.
I sat as if I did belong,
Between both night
And darkness.

She shot into the air,
With crystals flying
With cheers erupting from
The scene, I danced
In sequence as I
would in dream.
She set my heart alight.

Refreshing air and tranquil
Wind, hand in hand it began
To spin. Blue and
red. The favourite colours
In my head.
Exotic flames of
Electric night, I started reminiscing
Entirely my life.
We kissed.

The rule was set,
I'm seeing smiling faces,
In my head.
With children up, way past their bed.
I sang in golden summer tune.
The air so bright
and engulfed by the moon.
I took my lover's hand
In mine,
Deleting time
We embraced there, like two

Summer firework, by here, be mine.
We were brought alive,
By summer time.

Boneata Bell

Beautiful Insider

The black queen is as fierce
As the white moon,
She stands watch every night
Over her own soul.
Protecting it.
Healing any fractured fragments.
The black queen is as dainty
As the white moon.
She stands guard over the
Heart that was once broken by
A king.
The black queen is as dangerous
As the innocent moon,
Her baby mind is as
Killer as the threatened wolf.
She’s both everything
And nothing.
Inside her tiger skin.
She’s the black moon and white

Boneata Bell

Where Have I been?

If you are a regular returner to my website you may be wondering where I have been recently. Let me stop you there, don't panic! I am still writing, working and creating! I do however have a whole new life changing achievement! I am expecting a little baby boy in fifteen days! I am going to be a mummy. I haven't posted very much about it because for those of you who are on here for my writing, which I assume is most of you, I would not like to bombard you with my baby thoughts and trust me it is the main focus of my life at the moment. I am currently 37 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The pregnancy has been generally good for me; my first trimester was the best as I didn't suffer from morning sickness so I just spent it enjoying my news and decorating my new house with my partner ready for his arrival. The second trimester was one of the scariest moments of my life when I was home alone and I started bleeding heavily. I was convinced I was losing him and was in the worst state…

Baby Bond

Your wriggle is the
Meaning of my life. The
Blood bonding between both man
And his wife.
Your movement is the
Very breath of me. Making me
The mother that I always want
To be.
Your hiccups are the
centre of my world. My diamond
baby, tiny pearl.
Your superpower kicks drive
Me to the moon. It's obvious that
You'll be here with me soon.
Your attitude is the
Reason I am proud. You're my
Baby, you stand out from
The crowd.
Your love is the
Colour in my cheeks, the feeling I
Cannot find the words
To speak.
Carrying you is my
Reason to awake. With love that
Won't be mistaken for
Lost, stolen or fake.
Your bond is the love
Of tiny baby thumps,
And I'll love you forever
Because you've sat under my heart
For the last nine months.


Boneata Bell

Angel In Me

Angel in Me

With strength enough
to summon ocean waves and
Heart enough to fly
and save
the darkest hearts, he
is the angel
In me.

With power enough
To clench the largest palm and
stance enough to bring
the deepest calm,
He is the angel,
In me.

With honour bold enough
to burn the strongest brick with
ignition tough enough
to flare the weakest wick, he
is the angel
In me.

With tears silent enough
to shout the loudest prayer and
organised maturity to
take the scented dare, he
is the angel
In me.

With crystal kiss
King enough to wake the dead,
and body trust enough to be
beside me in my palace bed, he is
The angel in me.

With bravery the final crown,
To place upon his handsome head and
there within that chest of his
his heart protects my wary head...


Palm to palm with liquid ink,
He saves me, I forget to sink -
His power is the sword or knife,
He is the angel,
In my life.

Boneata Bell


My Diego

My angel is my swallow, diving gently through the breeze,
My angel is my golden lock, opened with magic keys.
My angel is my butterfly, so colourful and light,
My angel is the strength I need,
To stand and take the fight.

My soldier is my pebble, skimming quickly through the sea,
My soldier is the very breath, living inside of me.
My soldier is my ripened heart, to all things I never knew,
My soldier is my baby lamb, running through morning dew.

My darling is confusion, of which my understanding guessed,
His existence only pictured, now his presence constant test.
My darling is my sunshine, beaming bright through windows tall,
His image breaking every of my
Emotion mixture falls.

My baby is my blood flow, my breath, my love, my life.
My baby is the reason I would never take my life.
My baby is the starry sky, alive with dreams at night,
His arrival bringing hope into my
Almost perfect life.

Written by Boneata Bell
Diego Netherton
Due 18/09/2014

The Tunnard Street Secrets


This is Love

Occasionally love will conquer all. Then it will spit you out and allow room for a few punches and pin pricks. Then it might just pick you back up and let you in again. Because that's love. Love can be so many different things, too many. It can be a gentle walk through the wind, advice recieved or the kiss that shouldn't be given on a night away. But then it can be the very first kiss, the holiday romance, the distance or the resistance. It can be that one person that got away, or that one person that stuck around. It can be right, or wrong. It can be the lover or the lover's enemy. The dream or the impossible. Love could have been you, or him. I have no idea what love is, because l
ove is everything and I have no idea what everything is. Is love a mistake or a magical omen. Is the omen a demon or the demon an omen?

Occasionally love with conquer all. And occasionally conquer none. In it's wake it will rupture, capture, crucify, mistily and break. Nobody ever said tha…

The Haunted Wonderland


It is rumoured that the scariest aspect of life is the theory of the unknown. The division between the living and the dead, and the things that lie between them. Whether you are a believer or a non-believer it is likely that you are what I would call ‘a curious’. If somebody thinks that they can prove it, I am willing to hear them out. There are many stories surrounding Grimsby and Cleethorpes; many sightings and suspicions. So as ‘a curious’ I decided to explore certain haunted destinations across the local area; beginning at Wonderland Market.
Situated along the calm seafront in Cleethorpes stands a building many years in age and taking a walk past the building during its peak would have shown a thriving collection of market stalls and delicious foods, but taking a walk past the newly sold building on a cold winter’s night with the wind howling across the aging shutters it sincerely allows for the imagination to wonder. Standing opposit…

Today is Different

Yesterday I had it easy,
Today its all gone wrong.

Yesterday I knew you loved me,
Today your hate is strong.

Yesterday your heart subsided,
Your heart and mine then both collided.

Yesterday I had it easy,
Today its al gone wrong.

Boneata Bell.

Twisted Heart

Think of the pain,
Think of the eyes that are  bleeding with blame, Think of the game.
Think of the lie, Think of the gold-plated Skull in the sky. Think of the fright.
Think of the dare. That moment of thought and that moment of care. Think of that scare.
Think of the past, Think of the memories Burning at last, Think of that mast.
Think of the love, Lost in the distance and burning above. Think of the dove.
Think of what's lost, In sentence your thought has been thrown up and tossed. Think of the cost.
Think of your pain. I've taken your heart, And returned it again. Remember my game.
Boneata Bell 02/03/2014


She laughed and said, "You can't have the best of everything, Boneata".

That's why she smiled and said, "I know".

There has always been something so secretive about a smile.

How it can enchant.

And overpower the mind.

With words unwritten it can speak such a valuable song.

So she smiled back up at her again and with the only power she had left she said,

"And your own worst enemy is the best part of the world that you give so easily away".

Then she walked away.

Boneata Bell

Stop Whispering.

If it's never.
Make it happen.

It if stops,
Start the clock.

If it follows,
Hold it tight.

If it runs,
Draw the line.

If it falls,
Catch the heart,

If it tumbles,
Let it start.

By Boneata Bell.

Magic Creation

It was this little form of magic,
In a teaspoon. With pearls for eyes
And velvet cries, I picture it.
With beauty, like a mermaid's gaze,
In a tablespoon, that's how we made,
This little baby beauty mine.

It was this little plan of wishes,
In a teapot. With dreams for mind
And missing just, those kisses of mine.
With wonder, like an angel's wings,
In a fairybowl, that's how we made,
My baby beauty king or queen.

It was this tiny form of dream,
In a heartbeat, with hope for hands
And lullaby sleep, at perfect scan.
With power, like a sealed bond,
In a miracle, that's how we made,
With golden kicks and magic wands
My little baby beauty strong.

By Boneata Bell
12 weeks + 4
Mummy to be.

Fear Nothing

It's not you that I am afraid of.
Or your words.
Or violence.

It's not your face that frightens me,
Or your world,
Or beliefs.

It's not what you love that worries me,
Or who,
Or lack of.

It's not you that frightens me at all.
Just death,
And his ability.

In comparison to yours.

Because why should I fear you,
Or your words,
Or violence.

When death can take everything,
Like my love,
And my life.

So why should you scare me?
Ever today,
Or tomorrow.

When this could be my last sentence.
Right now,
Or never.

Boneata Bell

Now It's Never

I'm running to you,
                                 but you can't see me.

I'm asking for you,
                                but you can't hear me.

I'm stalking you,
                               but you're hiding from me.

And you're running to me,

                              but I'll never reach you.

By Boneata Bell


To be the ticking bomb of time,
Two lovers link in perfect rhyme.
Crystals on the burning moon,
In deadly pace and time, and tune.
To be the artwork on the clock,
With ribbon on the child's frock,
Stained and fraying at the hem,
The Reaper will appear again.

To be the stalker, follow free,
He will turn and run to me.
Aphrodite, now shall see,
A goddess judged by number three.
With corners sharp and edges strong
Lava, she did not belong.
Owner to her devil sin,
Devil makes her sin again.

To be the marble strength of touch,
Liquid burns as gasses clutch.
Water makes retreat so soon,
He has no time, to warn the moon.
To be the God of growing seed,
We abuse the flower and plant the weed.
Sunshine she did not belong,
To acoustic strength or bird's love song.
Sweetheart, I do not find,
Love in battle, or strength in time.

Manipulate a word for me,

Make it real,

set her free.
Boneata Bell