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Scarlett Thief

With white ribbons in her hair
And black shoes upon her feet,
She danced to love graceful
Under masculine heat.

Being one lost in love,
And love lost in one,
She nuzzled his neck and 
Kissed him to belong…

With bracelets so bright
Under disco light shine,
Scarlet spotted him close,
Her heart out of time.

Falling then hard, Then
Falling so strong…
She found that love witnessed
Was love once then gone.

Then after a moment,
She saw a lifetime
Realisation a thief,
Love being the crime.

She found sooner then, how
Love lingers in time,
She stole him in life
But she lost him
In rhyme.


Can you risk losing
Something so beautiful?
When beauty is the
Ruler of the world?
When a face depicting many fears
Can portray so many
Delicate lines?
And time
With no other option
Can steel it so easily
Away from you?
So as you love her, not enough,
Can you really risk
Losing something so beautiful?

Written for #WW
Boneata Bell