Blazing Firework

It fizzed with a sparkle as bright as
Christmas night.
And a flare so spectacular the sky looked alight.
And it rose to an elegant glitter
and shimmer-
With a scent of roasted chestnuts
Dazzle and dimmer!
Between one hand in mine -
One heart - Now entwined!
Under blankets of silk,
Under stars resting still.
The firework,
Took flight.

It shone with a glow as delicate as
Falling snow.
And a breath so deadly the
Sound stole the night.
And it screamed to a tearful hymn
Almost king,
With a scent of burning wood beams,
Crackle and sing!
Between two eyes in meeting,
One pulse - Still beating!
Under colours of dream,
Under flames flying high,
The firework,
Took flight.

It flew with a weight as unsteady as
Volcanic eruption.
And a shimmer so addictive the sight scarred the mind.
And it swam to a dive entwined
Within sea-
With a life so metallic the sight
Now bothering me!
Between palm to palm -
Two hearts sweet calm!
Under blankets of black,
Under ink dripped in stars.
Under shimmering sea,
It lit up my heart!
The firework,
Took flight.

Boneata Bell
Written for #WW
November 2013


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