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About You

Your embrace
Sends me to the moon.

Your stare transfixes me
To the stars.

And your kiss releases
The gravity

Your smile
Is the shining sun.

Your scent
Makes my heartbeat run.

And your love releases
The black

Boneata Bell
Written for WW

If Now You Wonder

If now you wonder what
You meant to me,
You meant nothing.

If you now wonder what we
Had between us then,
It was nothing.

If now you wonder what it
Was that kept me crawling back
To the devil?
It was terror.

If now you wonder what
We had then I'm telling
You that we had nothing.

If now you wonder where I am,
I'm nowhere.
And you are nothing.

Boneata Bell
Written for #WW

Later Too Soon

I met you

Too late, after

Many nights crying

And wrists left

bleeding, I met

You too late before I

Realised the real

Image of love

And hate.

I met you,

Too late, after

Meeting her,

Too soon.

Boneata Bell
Written for #WW
November 13th 2013

Blazing Firework

It fizzed with a sparkle as bright as
Christmas night.
And a flare so spectacular the sky looked alight.
And it rose to an elegant glitter
and shimmer-
With a scent of roasted chestnuts
Dazzle and dimmer!
Between one hand in mine -
One heart - Now entwined!
Under blankets of silk,
Under stars resting still.
The firework,
Took flight.

It shone with a glow as delicate as
Falling snow.
And a breath so deadly the
Sound stole the night.
And it screamed to a tearful hymn
Almost king,
With a scent of burning wood beams,
Crackle and sing!
Between two eyes in meeting,
One pulse - Still beating!
Under colours of dream,
Under flames flying high,
The firework,
Took flight.

It flew with a weight as unsteady as
Volcanic eruption.
And a shimmer so addictive the sight scarred the mind.
And it swam to a dive entwined
Within sea-
With a life so metallic the sight
Now bothering me!
Between palm to palm -
Two hearts sweet calm!
Under blankets of black,
Under ink dripped in stars.
Under shimmering sea,