'My pumpkin!' He howled with an elegant smirk,
'Come trespass my graveyard and there we shall lurk,
With darkness upon us we're bound to see light,
From children with tea lights, we'll give them a fright!
My face with its smile of razor sharp teeth-
Is bound to make mortals wither and weep'.

'Come now, my pumpkin', he spoke without sound,
Causing blood to start pulsing and head now to pound,
To a rhythm that Casper once dared to achieve
That a non believing dreamer now then will believe!
''My eyes now so hollow and brain on the floor,
Not in one piece but I've seen you before!'

'Dear pumpkin', he screamed with a voice of sweet calm,
'Be my accomplish, you'll come to no harm!'
With a tear so hesitant, head ready to protest,
He squealed with delight that I'd just passed his test.
My own eyes now hollow and blood bleeding dry,
A tear now marking my very last cry.

'My pumpkin,' he laughed with an elegant smirk,
Come trespass my graveyard and there we shall lurk.'
With darkness around us nobody will see,
The knife in your head or from scene who did flee.
Only remnants of pumpkin forensics will find,
Your suicide expected- I believe so well timed!

'My Ghostie', he howled with a song of such chill,
Come walk in the moonlight, under the mill.
After all, who will care of such murderous crime,
I took eyes to see at this Halloween time.

Boneata Bell
Written for #WW


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