Justice For Animals

I observed the conversation between two women regarding their friend, they planned to leave the nightclub before she returned from the toilet. I saw her crying alone, an hour later.

I observed the fighting between two men, one said the other was giving him ‘funny looks’ and later he laid almost lifeless on the floor with a skull so caved in that he looked like he had been hit by a car, whilst women screamed in front of him.

I finally observed one family split in two between misunderstandings with children’s heads turning from one to the other. And then I noticed the family pet; Sat silently in the corner. Betraying none. And trusting all.

With this picture running through my mind and a beautiful puppy playing carelessly by my feet and brightening my darkest days, I wonder only how anybody could receive only a minimum sentence for harming such a beautiful creature. Before brushing away the tears in my eyes I decide that abusers should receive the same treatment that they give. These animals are defenceless and human beings are the catalyst in the making of these monsters.

Animals suffer at the hands of every dilemma. The recession creates a frenzy of ‘breeding for money’ whilst poor females provide ‘easy money’ as well as suffering from poor health because owners cannot afford vet bills. A human baby is born and suddenly the household pet becomes a playing doll and not only then to add fuel to the fire they are given a euthanasia injection because they have been living among children with no sense of right and wrong - an animal is another baby. They require supervision- they will lose their temper if you pull them around.

The law is making it simple for offenders to re-offend. A better justice system really would be an eye for an eye because that is the way of the world, and the vast majority do not ever change. It takes a shock. Humans think. Animal’s don’t.

40,595 Animals were abandoned in 2011 according to the RSPCA. When I wake up every morning and see my dog trying his hardest to mimic my smile in my direction it truly warms my heart, and I doubt a human would go to such lengths to greet me.

Things are getting out of control, it seems to me. And it is a variation of evil people in every single generation category available. In all decades there is a stench of evil, and during all times there are hearts of stone playing ignorant to such a cruel society.

You cannot put good into a figure of evil but into the figure of evil you can install the act of goodness - only then do they have the chance of understanding empathy.

To regularly the punishment is too weak and the criminal too strong. Too often the protestor is too shy and the law too confident. Some sentences just don’t do justice.
Article by Boneata Bell


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