First Drive

It took me over a year to pass my driving test. In between I failed a good three too. I never really thought that I would be able to drive; I wanted to do it, for the freedom to let go and venture into the world that we live in, but I didn't think it would happen.

So when I passed a few months ago, it took me weeks before it sunk in. I remember looking at my pass certificate several times, putting it away, getting it back out - it was a dream. Driving is easy for some people, they fly through it, pass and never look back, but for me it was a tough, long, emotional and tiring road. But I did it.

I bought my first car a couple of weeks ago. With so many months off the road I was terrified about getting back in the car, but I forced myself - I knew that I had to do it, I mean, it took me so much effort to pass, I couldn't let it all go. So on the Thursday I bought the car, on the Saturday morning I insured the car and on the Saturday afternoon I was out driving the car, with my mum in the passenger seat for support, and to help me figure out how to put petrol in it.

In all honestly I was a nervous wreck, mum kept telling me that I was good, helping me along, but the clutch took such a hit that day, I swear I drove the whole distance with it down, glued ready to break.

Saturday night, I drove alone to my boyfriend's house and then we were on the motorway - the A180. In the darkness at midnight. Lights shining brightly across the tiny eyes in the road. They were staring at me and I was stuck between terror and excitement. My first drive in months, and I experienced it like this. I was listening to his directions, and he directed me the wrong way, so a quick drive over the A180 ended in a long drive towards Immingham.

I couldn't stop smiling between telling him off in panic as I thought I would likely crash the car at 70mph on the A180. Trying desperately to figure out the speed limits on unknown roads that crossed my path and wondering how far we would have to travel before we made it home. It was though, in a nutshell, the most amazing way to spend my first night as a driver - I'm never going to forget a memory like that, with the best person that I could have experienced it with beside me.

What I find difficult to contemplate is that I cannot go back and live the moment again. I could duplicate something similar, but it would never be the same. It was special and perfect, and now he probably thinks that I am an insane driver who cannot read maps or follow road signs or find fifth
gear in my new Ford KA. Who for the record I named Christopher-Jay (which he thinks I am also insane for), but you know what? I wouldn't change that night for the world.

Moments and memories are worth so much more than money and greed.

By Boneata Bell
Written for #WW
(Writer's Wednesday)


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