CJ. Bad Behaviour

[This is not about what you think it is about!] Fun little piece.

He caught my eye because he wore
this shining green coat
of armour.
He stood like a gentleman, or
suited security guard,
and there within that spontaneous
moment, he stole my virgin heart.

I hit his breaks and we paused
momentarily in the September
early darkness.
He took the whip and obediently
there we sat in eerie peace,
Almost as if he could feel my needs.

Speed now, to the scent of a perfumed
masculinity with an extra passenger,
and loving kiss.
He saw it all and heard my wish,
First man growled a hesitant roar,
Second graced a smile I had

On route with nervous disposition linked
To my challenging blacked
Out back glasses and elegant
teddy bear carrying the trace
Of such good girl behaviour.
In all honesty, I'd never seen a man like him before.
And I didn't think we'd get very far,
Until we did.

He was my first. Christopher-Jay -

My very first car.
And he led me astray.

Boneata Bell
Written for #WW


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