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'My pumpkin!' He howled with an elegant smirk,
'Come trespass my graveyard and there we shall lurk,
With darkness upon us we're bound to see light,
From children with tea lights, we'll give them a fright!
My face with its smile of razor sharp teeth-
Is bound to make mortals wither and weep'.

'Come now, my pumpkin', he spoke without sound,
Causing blood to start pulsing and head now to pound,
To a rhythm that Casper once dared to achieve
That a non believing dreamer now then will believe!
''My eyes now so hollow and brain on the floor,
Not in one piece but I've seen you before!'

'Dear pumpkin', he screamed with a voice of sweet calm,
'Be my accomplish, you'll come to no harm!'
With a tear so hesitant, head ready to protest,
He squealed with delight that I'd just passed his test.
My own eyes now hollow and blood bleeding dry,
A tear now marking my very last cry.

'My pumpkin,' he laughed with an elegant smi…

Blame the Nightingale

The chapter began,
As any chapter be.
A lava dipped in purple silk,
And angels wrapped in diamond thread.
The circle pulled me downwards then,
For that,
I blame the nightingale.

The story played,
With intricate detail,
A liquid floating bubble high,
And glass pupils glazed into her head
Deep within her tale, she said;
'For that,
I thank the nightingale'.

The middle scene,
And smile bright.
A cut between both reality
And two swans of silver taking flight.
The lake then forced their fatal parting
For that,
I blame the bird of song.
For that,
I blame my nightingale.

The end announced,
With tears bleeding,
A black petrol scene of pain proceeding,
And sickness is a form of love.
In which I take the blame.
Silence is abusing me.
My heartbreak is amusing me.
For that,
I kill the music beat,
For that,
I miss my nightingale.

The end unknown,
With time so quick and heaving in my chest
So sick,
 I stand with extra carefree strength,
And fall with sudden knowledge then.
He's fallin…

CJ. Bad Behaviour

[This is not about what you think it is about!] Fun little piece.

He caught my eye because he wore
this shining green coat
of armour.
He stood like a gentleman, or
suited security guard,
and there within that spontaneous
moment, he stole my virgin heart.

I hit his breaks and we paused
momentarily in the September
early darkness.
He took the whip and obediently
there we sat in eerie peace,
Almost as if he could feel my needs.

Speed now, to the scent of a perfumed
masculinity with an extra passenger,
and loving kiss.
He saw it all and heard my wish,
First man growled a hesitant roar,
Second graced a smile I had

On route with nervous disposition linked
To my challenging blacked
Out back glasses and elegant
teddy bear carrying the trace
Of such good girl behaviour.
In all honesty, I'd never seen a man like him before.
And I didn't think we'd get very far,
Until we did.

He was my first. Christopher-Jay -

My very first car.
And he led me astray.


First Drive

It took me over a year to pass my driving test. In between I failed a good three too. I never really thought that I would be able to drive; I wanted to do it, for the freedom to let go and venture into the world that we live in, but I didn't think it would happen.

So when I passed a few months ago, it took me weeks before it sunk in. I remember looking at my pass certificate several times, putting it away, getting it back out - it was a dream. Driving is easy for some people, they fly through it, pass and never look back, but for me it was a tough, long, emotional and tiring road. But I did it.

I bought my first car a couple of weeks ago. With so many months off the road I was terrified about getting back in the car, but I forced myself - I knew that I had to do it, I mean, it took me so much effort to pass, I couldn't let it all go. So on the Thursday I bought the car, on the Saturday morning I insured the car and on the Saturday afternoon I was out driving the car, with my …

Justice For Animals

I observed the conversation between two women regarding their friend, they planned to leave the nightclub before she returned from the toilet. I saw her crying alone, an hour later.

I observed the fighting between two men, one said the other was giving him ‘funny looks’ and later he laid almost lifeless on the floor with a skull so caved in that he looked like he had been hit by a car, whilst women screamed in front of him.
I finally observed one family split in two between misunderstandings with children’s heads turning from one to the other. And then I noticed the family pet; Sat silently in the corner. Betraying none. And trusting all.
With this picture running through my mind and a beautiful puppy playing carelessly by my feet and brightening my darkest days, I wonder only how anybody could receive only a minimum sentence for harming such a beautiful creature. Before brushing away the tears in my eyes I decide that abusers should receive the same treatment that they give. These anima…