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Falling From Love

You could see blades deep
Inside my eyes, as my memories
Stained the scales of my heart.
You did not part
With a smile of syrup gold instead
You lingered to observe
My tired mind.

You could see the forbidden
Glitter falling with the strong
Desire of a marriage bed,
Deep inside my desperate head,
Then sunk your fingers in,
My skin, you watched me lose and watched me win.

You were aware of my
Longing for commitment between
Knives and swords
You did ignore, my only dream,
And gave me everything.
Until you gave me then your core,
I gave up then in
Fairy tales.
And learnt then,

not a lesson more.

By Boneata Bell
Written for #WW.
Wednesday 25th September 2013

Darling Be.

Good morning, my darling,
Will you be my mockingbird tonight?
And leave me not with
Darkened sight.
Stay with me until I fly,
Fly into your ocean eyes.

Dear my darling,
Will you today be my morning call,
And let me rise to
Heaven's stare,
Place your hands within my heart,
And palms between my curling hair.

Sweet darling,
Will you be my eagle tonight?
And glide with not a
Single fight.
No goodbyes I accept tonight -
Let me into your ocean eyes.

For eternity, my darling,
Will you be my goodnight kiss,
And let me dream,
To rainbow flames,
Place your lips between my lips,
And watch then how my heartbeat skips.

So sweet dreams, darling,
Will you be my shooting star?
And leave me not
And never far,
Stay with me until I die,
In heaven in your ocean eyes.

Boneata Bell

Her Kiss

If you kiss me
Glitter will miss
Not a scrap of your heart.
I'll draw you a map -
A map of the stars.

As long as you'll kiss me.

With the ocean so blue
And fish swimming deep,
I'd promise to leap.
To the mermaids' lair,
And there I shall be.

If you now will kiss me.

With electric alive
And a dream to describe,
Fire is dead in the mind wide awake.
In her wake she will fall,
In her dreams he will be and
Right there you will see,
You will find,

You will kiss me.

Boneata Bell
Written as he slept.
On the 31st August 2013.