I am Jealousy

Something different in you.
I won’t tell you any secrets, just a mass of facts, making you feel as if I am telling you something that nobody else knows.

I will take you into my heart and my home, let you feel as if you are something else to me other than somebody that I just want to help.

I will pick on your every movement, you cannot really do anything right because you are not the way I designed you. You buy me something and for a little while I am content.
You can meet my family, but the moment they start praising you up, you are out.

My life is different to yours, my job is to help you and to help others and to gain more qualifications than anybody else I know.

If it doesn’t happen I will cry like a child in a locked room.

Because I am the person who you never see. I am the person who pretends they like you to make you happy. And I am jealousy. The sick emotional response triggered by every little thing.

And I am jealousy.

And I will haunt you.


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