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The Moth

Towards the light it flew
With gentle pace.
Towards the light it soared
With complete grace.

Towards the light it aimed,
With silent sound,
Towards the light it flung,
And heartbeat pound.

Towards the light it danced,
With fluffy skin,
Towards the light it bounced,
Without sin.

Towards the light it swung,
With careless thought.
Towards the light it dived,
Only light it sought.

Towards the light it swam,
With ocean need,
Towards the light it darted,
With one seed.

Towards my light it hit me,
With no fear,
Towards my beating heart,
I observed the little dear.

Towards the light it ventured,
With no dark,
Towards the light it brightened,
The dark seed within my heart.

Towards the window then she hit,
The moth she fell, no obvious pain,
I realised then that we should play
A very similar game.

And fly towards the light with aim,
And never see the dark again.

Boneata Bell.

To Know

When I met you

I looked at you, I never

Really thought that you would be



I saw my baby in your eyes,

And your fingers


Between mine.

And knew I had to

Love you.

I knew I’d have to make

You mine.

By Boneata Bell
If you measure it in seconds,
Remember it in dream.
If you have to shut your eyes,
Remember then, to scream.
If you measure it with magic,
Remember then to speak.
You are only at your strongest when you
Think your feeling weak. 💕

Boneata Bell
If you count the leaves falling from a tree, that then my dear is how much I shall love you. For  every year the leaves will return, and every year they shall fall again. & my love will always return  to you, no matter how harsh the weather be, or how pleasantly sun kissed it shall glow. Through good and through torment. The roots are strong, if you outwait the circumstances.

One Day

One day you will know that

the love I have given to you won’t

be given away.

The love I have given you has not

been given easily, previously


The love you see is burdened,

It worries and ponders,

It cries and it smiles.

One day you will know that if you have it,

You have it all.

- Boneata Bell

I am Jealousy

Something different in you.

I won’t tell you any secrets, just a mass of facts, making you feel as if I am telling you something that nobody else knows.

I will take you into my heart and my home, let you feel as if you are something else to me other than somebody that I just want to help.

I will pick on your every movement, you cannot really do anything right because you are not the way I designed you. You buy me something and for a little while I am content.
You can meet my family, but the moment they start praising you up, you are out.

My life is different to yours, my job is to help you and to help others and to gain more qualifications than anybody else I know.

If it doesn’t happen I will cry like a child in a locked room.

Because I am the person who you never see. I am the person who pretends they like you to make you happy. And I am jealousy. The sick emotional response triggered by every little thing.

And I am jealousy.

And I will haunt you.

Blind Sight

Close your eyes and see what could be,
Feel each breath before it's set free.
Whisper the truth if you mean it to be,
A delicate whisper, between you and me.

Close your eyes now, and see what is,
Give then your heart, before you take his.
Step strongly but faintly, before you fly.
You need to glide low, before you glide high.

Now open your eyes, and reach for his wings,
Swim through blood with both your fins.
Remember to see with two blind eyes,
What you missed when magnified.

Blink but don't miss, the moment you need,
The flower needs water,
To grow the seed.

                                               -  Written by Boneata Bell