Dare to be different

FIRST: the clothing. Twenty minutes later I have managed to pick the strangest combination of clothing available in my wardrobe.
Next: the fight with the hair. I'll make it as high as I can, because I can. I am smiling at this.
Finally: the make-up. A simple line won't do – I'll add some swirls and abstract colours. Then, I am ready.
There is a fine line between admiration and disgust; a fine line between bullying and acceptance. I am happy to admit that my vintage-rock-chick-casual style creates some talk, but I am not happy to witness the number of young adults now too quiet to take the lead, because of the judgmental eyes of other people.

Too many people play it safe and follow fashion.
I would encourage something else completely. What you look like, the style you set, defines the person that you are. Appearance will always be a first impression. You cannot avoid this. Stand out. You should never be afraid to be who you are.
On occasions I have noticed disapproving eyes on my style – people find difference an aspect difficult to contemplate.
Don't let this put you down; it is likely a simple matter of envy that they cannot find the confidence to be something unique.
Some young people are too scared to be different and this is so disappointing, young people have become weight obsessed – another link in the fashion frenzy.
An interesting town we would live in if we were not clones of one another.
Orange faces. Bleached blonde hair … is it a good look? Yes, but why not jazz it up a bit?
Ditch the tango, stick on a ball gown if you so desire. Go on … I dare you.
If it was possible to erase bullying, the world would be a vibrant place but, honestly, how will that ever happen when in every generation there are characters who are judgmental?
A personal comment on somebody's appearance is bullying. On their weight, height, make-up, hair colour … it is bullying. There will always be the individual who will make these unnecessary comments.
Identify who you are and mould your wardrobe around that finding. Hold your head up high. Flick your multi-coloured fringe back, admit you bought that skirt in the charity shop and that top is really not a designer brand … most of all be proud of who you are.
We are always finding things out about ourselves we didn't know. Everyday is a lesson. So why should your sense of fashion remain stagnant?
The catwalk style isn't exactly everyday wear, but these women are known for their beauty. We may only live once, so jeans and a Tee…? Come on! You can do better than that if you want to!
As for the "fashion disasters" that they highlight in celebrities; what makes the press feel that they have the right to make this judgment?
Wear what you feel comfortable in. If plain is your style then stick to it. Geek, chick, rock or a combination of them all. But if you need an extra kick to be different … well here you have it.
With so many babies born every day, I wonder what robotic clones they will be in the future or if we will be supporting the style of the Hunger Games … you have the power to be different, to lead. Yet you also have the power to accept difference. Which life will you be living?
There is one way to cut out bullying. That is to ignore those who feel the need to bully. Ignore the hurtful comments and personal remarks.
If the majority of good people stick together regarding this then at the end of the day society will have no room for bullies. The words of bullies are the words of attention-seeking individuals; they show weakness and lack strength.
With the number of suicides rising and bullying beginning at a younger age in schools, the adult generation needs to take control, nothing hurts like the power of words, but nothing fights back like the power of confidence.
It is a simple suggestion. But will you be strong enough to tackle your individuality?

Boneata Bell
The Grimsby Telegraph

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