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Here and Gone

One picture, keeps me alive.
One life between
The Dream
And time.
One step between both you
And me.
One life before you
Set me free.
One skin-to-skin
Of desperate pose,
You came then to my
Solitude world.
And that's then when you waved goodbye.
And left me then,
Alone to cry.

Boneata Bell

It is just a quick thought,
Before you kill me.

Dare to be different

FIRST: the clothing. Twenty minutes later I have managed to pick the strangest combination of clothing available in my wardrobe.
Next: the fight with the hair. I'll make it as high as I can, because I can. I am smiling at this.
Finally: the make-up. A simple line won't do – I'll add some swirls and abstract colours. Then, I am ready.
There is a fine line between admiration and disgust; a fine line between bullying and acceptance. I am happy to admit that my vintage-rock-chick-casual style creates some talk, but I am not happy to witness the number of young adults now too quiet to take the lead, because of the judgmental eyes of other people.

Too many people play it safe and follow fashion.
I would encourage something else completely. What you look like, the style you set, defines the person that you are. Appearance will always be a first impression. You cannot avoid this. Stand out. You should never be afraid to be who you are.
On occasions I have noticed disap…