What Makes Me, You.

What Makes Me You. I don't often explain my titles, they are a little mysterious piece of my work that allow the imagination to wonder, but I'll explain this one to you. People question how sometimes I dare to put such words to paper. I dare because I can. Although a lot of controversy may surround the issues I speak of, I may leave them dwindling in the air, allowing you to ask a question - and this is my aim. To leave you asking questions. What makes me you is that I too, am human. I can be a very naive human, and I am the first to admit this, my opinions will not always be correct. My work not always in perfect rhyme or be grammatically accurate, but I do my best.

I was recently asked how it feels to place my life on the Internet for the world to see. My answer? It is a cylinder of continuously turning match-boxed woven replica of Hell. I hurt when you criticise me, yet I appreciate it too.

My work consists of two different shelves, one fiction. One non-fiction. You will usually not be able to decipher between the two, unless you know me incredible well. I do this so that you do not know what is real life experience and what is pure and simple fiction. If you grow to learn me, if you learn my words then maybe we can play this game and you can guess the lining of my [real] life.

Love is one of those inspirations that I often write about. It is therefore much of a whirlwind remark to announce to those of you who do not know me that I am single. There. So how many of my love stories are tiny little lies?

I write mainly on the topic of love because it is the bottom of every sea bed. The bottom line of every subject matter. Love, in my opinion, is the source of any topic you can give me. I guess that is the problem with people like me; I am on a continuous journey searching for the blushing pink petal within the black rose of a dark scenario. I think that myself and Mr Disney would have shed happy tears into our creamy coffee cups together...

They tell you to write what you know...

I am fully aware that standing tall beside my tower of love is a smaller, yet present, shadow of disastrous hate. Both compliment one another. He is her and therefore, she is him.

When I pick topics I consider only two aspects, one being my passion towards the topic and the second the passion of my audience on the given topic. See, it really is that simple. The most interesting question I was given only recently was, to write so deeply about hate, do I have to be surrounded by it...?

My answer? Not at all. Hate is all around. Look only for it when in need of it.

So, to bring this comment to a close, what makes me you is being human. What Makes Me You, is being bold enough to admit it. Not everything is fact within a fiction post.

Did that make any sense at all...?


Boneata Bell

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