Dancing The Ballroom

I listened to the beat of notes
And frankly kicked my feet
To Jive.
Only yesterday I sat in bed,
Yet today I came, again, alive.

I moved then to another tone,
And swung across the
ballroom floor.
A thousand times I've moved this way,
Yet never seen this life before.

I rocked then to a rumba kiss,
Closed my eyes and dreamt
Of this.
Pace increased and motion flared
The Tango taught my soul to care.

Full-sprint headfirst with nose so high,
Quickstep so light that I
Can fly.
I head straight for the stars so red,
And fall to natural rhythm instead.

The final dance and I here I glide,
With slower pace and
Smile of pride
Here and now I dance the Waltz,
Exam conditions and confidence false.
Ballroom and Latin beat my
I stumble yet I start again.

The music stops and then I see,
The music lives

By Boneata Bell

You may or may not know that I am a Ballroom and Latin American dancer. I began dancing when I was about six years of age and it is a huge part of my life. So this poem is that part of me. <3 Thank you for reading into my soul.


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