It would be something significant
To live off the memory
Of happiness.
It would ease the strength
From the happy heart,
And in one stance, it then would part-
Protection with a flame.

It would allow something invisible
Yet present dust, to slowly form -
Barricade then, this fence of wire
Call my love and be my squire!
A clutch of angry tears form
Without such fear - I then would
Fall... away from
Lower ground.

It would distinguish both
The metal guard and useless heart,
With sentimental touch and soul.
The highs and lows of
Value dreams.
I want much more,
Than I have seen!
Sometimes I wish I only could,

Be satisfied with just memories.

To meet someone and to smile, to have a perfect time and perfect rhythm. To want more of them, to want more of a gift to ask for more, you risk ruining perfection. But we'll always crave more.

- Boneata Bell


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