Ruby Hearts

It speaks in riddles, does the heart,
With graceful, heavy footprints
We leave markings in the mud.
It was only yesterday I learnt,
Yet so long ago I understood.

It speaks in morals, does the mind,
A burden to the loving heart -
I left scarring in the handsome blood.
Only yesterday I smiled strong,
Yet today the tears flood.

So many words, white so black,
Locked and left with doubtful strain,
We left marking in the mud, my love
And it is I, I take the blame.

So many thoughts, with ruby hearts,
And green-blue knowledge free.
I want to run into my mind,
And wait for you to come to me.

Perfection is the figure of a man,
I smile and you smile away,
I wish I could tell you,
I want you to stay...

It speaks with sorrow, does the heart,
With highlight lips and
Words that part.
We left markings in the mud to stay,
I'll bury them with you someday.

They speak with tears, do my lips,
Of love lost and driven far,
It is one last word to you I speak,
In fear of strength becoming so weak,
I will miss you -
Written with reporting pen.
I'll remember you, my writer.

Until we meet again.

                                                                                                                                         - Boneata Bell


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